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Whether you want an overnight change in your appearance, or you want hair extensions are to help with a current hair problem like fine or thinning hair, the advances in hair extension technology in the last decade has allowed specialist hair extension salons like Glo Extensions in Denver to offer hair extension fixing systems that are more natural, durable and easier to maintain.

A change to your hairstyle can be more dramatic and effective than any amount of make-up or designer clothes. Changing their look is the main reason clients visit us at Glo Extensions in Denver.

Extensions can be added to increase length, shorter sections can boost body and volume, different colors can be added without actually coloring your hair – or localized additions can create impact with a new fringe.

Which Hair Extensions are best?

The method we use to fix your Hair Extensions is dependent upon many factors that we will explore with you in your Glo Extensions consultation.

We will want to study your hair and scalp, assess your hair type and suitability for hair extensions, talk about your work and activities and decide what maintenance regime suits you and your lifestyle. After all, having your hair extensions fitted is one thing but being able to maintain their look daily is the most important factor when deciding whether hair extensions are right for you.

Once you understand how these issues can affect your hair we can explain how the different techniques can affect comfort, durability, styling and maintenance.

The best Hair Extensions are ones that are suited to you and your lifestyle!

Why Glo in Denver for hair extensions?

Hair Extensions 3When choosing the salon that you will entrust with attaching your hair extensions what is the most important factor?

A reliable company with a great reputation!

We pride ourselves on customer care, professionalism and quality results and services.

Glo’s hundreds of current and former clients continue to sing our praises after their looks were transformed when hair extensions were applied. Feel free to check out our Hair Extensions Testimonials section

At Glo Extensions, in Denver, we understand that quality is the single most important aspect of the hair extension industry. For that reason, we offer 100% Remi Human Hair extensions from LA Hair which are the very best quality hair extensions around. They are super soft, incredibly shiny and glossy and in our opinion produce the best looking results. We wear this hair ourselves and would not use anything else!

When applying hair extensions we offer 2 fixing types -

the fusion technique which is an individual strand-by-strand method that will give you the most natural looking and natural feeling hair extensions possible. Remi Human Hair comes in different textures, lengths and we have over 80 colors to choose from!

and HotHeads Adhesive Wefts.  We gather individual strands of human remy hair in small sections and secure at the top of the weft with adhesive tape.  This tape is then fixed to both sides of small sections of your natural hair.  These thin hair extension wefts do not need any heat application or sewing, and with no need for tools, you can have fabulous hair extensions in less than an hour with the HotHeads hair extensions system!

The Fusion Hair Extension package includes, Hair, Shipping Costs, Application Time(4-5 Hours), Hair Color, Blended Haircut, Extension Brush, Extension Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Spray. Your first monthly checkup with a wash and style is also included.

Hair Extensions Before 5Hair Extensions pictures After 5

Before and After – a transformation.

Check out our great Hair Extensions Before and After photos

HotHeads Hair Extensions

If you are not suitable for fusion hair extensions, we also fit HotHeads taped weft hair extensions. These durable and long lasting hair extensions are great for those with fine and thinning hair. The hair can be reused and does not take long to apply.

After Care from Glo Hair Extensions, Denver

Hair Extensions After Care DenverAfter spending time and money on your beautiful new hair extensions we want to ensure that they look great, feel comfortable and last as long as possible.

Therefore, when you come for your application, not only will we spend a lot of time explaining how to care for your new hair but will ensure your hair extensions will go the distance!

Our reputation is solely the result of countless happy clients – we will do everything possible to ensure you get the right expert advice and make the right informed choices.

Our Expertise in Hair Extensions

Our Hair Extension specialist, Heather Occhionero has undergone personal hair extension training from some of the country’s most celebrated experts in Hair Extensions. If you are looking for expertise, enthusiasm and experience in hair extensions – then no one can beat Glo.

If you want the Best Hair Extensions in Colorado, call Glo at (303) 968-4222


Download our free Glo Guide to Hair Extensions. Just enter your email address and details below.

Topics include:

  • how long do hair extensions take to apply?
  • how will hair extensions affect my own hair?
  • how are hair extensions color matched?
  • can I use a hairdryer with hair extensions?
  • how do I clean my hair and scalp with hair extensions?
  • how long will my extensions last?
  • how are extensions re-tightened or removed?
  • … and many more questions.

Glo Guide to choosing and maintaining hair extensions

Additionally, enter your details here and we will email you the link to download the Glo Guide to choosing and maintaining hair extensions. If you are serious about hair extensions, then this Guide is invaluable.

Contact Glo for your FREE hair extensions consultation to choose the right hair for you and your lifestyle.

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2 thoughts on “All About Hair Extensions

  1. I’m a senior woman with thinning dark blonde hair. I have no grey that is noticeable. I’ve had it highlighted all my adult life and am wondering if extensions might be a better way to go. I don’t look my age, and I want to continue having a more youthful appearance.

    • Yes it might be something that would def help with fullness and color. If you would like to set up a consult , please feel free to call me at 303-968-4222. Thanks!